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A commerce site is:

A site that allows the sale of goods or services: either directly (merchant site) or indirectly (showcase site).

Traders, craftsmen or professionals offer for sale their products or services.

By the examples below:

Du Domaine des Landes

Du Domaine des Landes - Site réalisé par Web-open

L'Élevage du Domaine des Landes dans la Manche (50) à LE TEILLEUL

Spécialiste de deux races de chien, Le Bichon maltais et le Shih-tzu ; chiens de petite race et de compagnie.

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Web-open - Site réalisé par Web-open

Website creation site

Communication, a spearhead of the 21st century! Web-open supports you in your communication.

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Alpes mancelles activités

Alpes mancelles activités - Site réalisé par Web-open

The website Alpes mancelles activities aims to promote activities in the Alps Mancelles.

Website of presentation of commercial, artisanal, professional and associative activities in the Alpes Mancelles.

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Aromatic Monde

Aromatic Monde - Site réalisé par Web-open

Aromatic world, spices and aromatic plants from Cameroon and elsewhere.

Aromatic Monde specializes in the trading of raw materials, spices and aromatic plants from Cameroon and elsewhere. Installed in Le Mans in the Sarthe and trade with any customer.

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Website close in 2017


Élevage Canin Réa

Élevage Canin Réa - Site réalisé par Web-open

The experience of dog breeding Réa ...

Lovers of the canine industry since 1988, the Breeding Canin Réa was created in 2002 by passion for the pet and the desire to transmit our know-how to a large number of people, the future acquirers in love as we of the Canine breed ...
The skills of canine breeding Réa ...

Le bond du tigre

Le bond du tigre - Site réalisé par Web-open

Le bond du tigre - The secrets of the Russian chess school unveiled, by the player and elite trainer, Artur Jussupow.


What is the basic knowledge that each chess player needs to know in order to progress, to be more complete and thus more efficient?

What topic should a 1500 ELO player and a 1800 ELO player study?

Artur Jussupow answers these questions.

Cabinet Ludovic Hardouin

Cabinet Ludovic Hardouin - Site réalisé par Web-open

The Cabinet Ludovic Hardouin

Is a specialist in the economics of companies by reducing general, social and tax burdens.

It does not tax, it avoids the tax solutions too expensive, which is totally different.

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Management and Training Center

Management and Training Center - Site réalisé par Web-open

Our Training and Management Center is designed to help entrepreneurs start their businesses serenely and grow.

Indeed, our services cover the decision to create a company in the form most suited to the needs and situation of the entrepreneur, to monitor the evolution of the company via adapted and studied trainings for the Head of establishment or his staff and by seeking the best optimization of his business.

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La Ferme de la Fontaine

La Ferme de la Fontaine - Site réalisé par Web-open

La Ferme de la Fontaine is a bed and breakfast to Oisseau-le-Petit.

This cottage offers four rooms in a rural environment and has a heated swimming pool.

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